The Last Shift Office Chair
Sitting kills
There is a study that found out that sitting six to eight hours a day increases your chances of dying. By design, humans weren't created to sit on chairs for eight hours a day. The whole behavioural shift happened recently and our bodies haven't adapted yet. Even if you exercise it's still not enough. Also, there is a law in the UK that makes employers provide standing desk options at their offices. The awareness is there but it's not enough.
Grind culture = voluntary slavery
Another issue is exploitation. While we spend most of our time at work most of us can't afford some basic things. The gap between rich and poor is growing exponentially. What's shocking is that it's widely accepted by society, it became a norm that we spend our lives at work slowly killing ourselves and getting almost nothing out of it. The whole grind culture is just wrong, it feels to me like voluntary slavery. We've been gaslit into thinking that this is life as it supposes to be. We sit in those coffins and generate value for the stakeholders, but once the time has come they nail the lid and roll us to the corporate cemetery.
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